Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Xbox 360 Repair Bad Mistake - Do Not Make the Same Error I Made

If you are similar to me, or the millions of additional gamers out there, you look at playing your Xbox 360 more than only entertainment. Long hours spent throughout the middle of the night in desire of accomplishing that next stage, or unlocking the next character. In it's life, an Xbox 360 is right for thousands upon thousands of hours of outstanding entertainment.

Still, with the recent increase in hardware issues involving the Xbox 360, there's been an call from the same public who in the past have whole-heartidly backed up the Xbox 360. While numerous have trusted the manufacture for Xbox 360 repairs, Microsoft's service record has been somewhat poor at that.

For those of you who aren't knowing, the most usual cause for an Xbox 360 repair is the RROD. This acronym represents the Red Ring of Death, which is an all too usual hardware issue regarding the Xbox 360. This problem is easily discovered on startup by 3 red lights on the front of the system in the shape of a ring. In the past, this has called for sending your console away to an Xbox 360 repair station.

From personal experiences, a broken Xbox 360 could mean months and months of inability to play your popular games. Xbox 360 repair centers are so back-logged that the waiting time for an Xbox 360 repair is off the charts. When my Xbox 360 had the RROD, my system was still under warranty. Still, being as naive as I was, I chose to rely on the manufacture to fix my system and sent it away with the hopes of a fast return. This was unquestionably NOT the case, as the Xbox 360 repair center had my system for roughly 60 days before they got hold of me to let me know they'd be substituting my console with a refurbished one. Normally I do not mind getting my hands on refurbished stuff, because it is generally cheaper than new. Yet, when I send my console away I anticipate the same console or a NEW one delivered to me. It is unacceptable that I was given a system that at some period was somebody else's problem. I was sure I would be shipping the system back in to the Xbox 360 repair center within a few months.

The entire experience left a bad taste in my mouth, in addition to thousands of other Xbox 360 owner's who had a like experience with the manufacture's Xbox 360 repair center. It was a sum of roughly 3 months without having my system, and I had just covered for 1 month on my Xbox LIVE account.

Not long after receiving my system back, I had a friend who's console had the RROD, and after learning from my terrible experience, he chose to check into other ways of Xbox 360 repair. This was when we identified a top notch Xbox 360 repair guide that we were able to utilize to get his system fixed and in working order within 2 HOURS!

If you do not prefer to be at the mercy of Microsoft's Xbox 360 repair facility, and can stick to easy-to-follow directions, I would highly recommend you have a look at this guide. It will have you back gaming very fast, and you do not need to worry about losing all that time waiting for Microsoft. It's hands down, the best guide available today, and trust me I have tried a lot!

Click here to find out how to perform an Xbox 360 repair on your own!

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