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Fix the Xbox 360, including ladder is incorrect! Discover and fix the cause for the Xbox 360 red lights

Xbox 360 repairs to freezing (e.g. the Red Ring of death) Xbox 360s isn't a joke. If you think you can simply wrap in a towel, overheat the system and the Xbox 360 will be fixed ... think again.

Here is what is causing the Red Ring of death ... and why Hanger for Xbox 360 repair only make it worse ...

The whole problem with the Red Ring of death Xbox 360s is heat. Heats up the motherboard (and can reach temperatures of over 100 * c), which vibrates. The vibrations cause losing of soldering, which holds a GPU (graphics processing unit). Like soldering comes loose so that it performs GPU. When the GPU becomes loose enough system freezes, and you'll get the Red Ring of death.

As you can see a GPU comes loose from the heat. Adding more heat will only make the problem worse. Also, if read repair Xbox 360, which may include hair dryers, or pressing system, you can see now that the above "Xbox 360 fixes" are just wrong.

You should know ...

Microsoft is actually responsible for this problem and enrolled in the official announcement in July 2007.
The Problem is the design. To free up space on the DVD, they decided to reduce the thermal management of LSI. Radiator is, however, the refrigeration unit, and does not keep sufficiently cool the motherboard. Unfortunately, more than 500,000 persons must repair the Xbox 360.

Allegedly better designed a new model, the elite and the motherboard is not as much as the older models of flex.

OK, I need a repair of the Xbox 360, what should I do? Will the Red Ring of death "just go away on its own, if I leave?

Firstly, the system does not resolve itself, and by this means not only leave the system alone and we hope that the problem will go away. After obtaining the Red Ring of death, it will be necessary to repair the problem go away.

Fortunately, the Xbox 360 repair are fast (less than one hour), solid (only need it once, if you can do it right) and are not complicated. They don't need technical tools or experience for Xbox 360 repair. Is available at the end of this article, which will guide you through the process of repairing all step-by-step guide video repair.

Xbox 360 repair shell of nut

Below is an overview of what you need to do to solve the problem with the system and deter those annoying red lights.

1. remove the face plate and cover

2. Remove the motherboard and radiator

3. Put space (washer) between the radiator and motherboard

4. Clean off the GPU

5. insert it back together

Isn't rocket science, and literally anyone to do this.

The Totality Of The

Now you know Xbox 360 repair are not complicated, and each of the 10 80 can do this and if you would like to, there is a manual repair video Xbox 360 available at the end of this article.

Xbox 360 red lights are extremely annoying, and the problem will not go away. Crack pot fix methods that use the Towels, heat or hitting the Xbox 360 will make the problem worse. Interestingly enough, the 94% red light error Xbox 360s do not need new parts---they just need a little Tweak to obtain their current.

Not held prisoner

The last thing you should do is nothing. If you absolutely do not implement Xbox 360 repair yourself, you can send it to Microsoft. It takes 4-6 weeks and cost $ 140. Not the best option, but still better than none.

Playback system, knowing that it could block any other is beyond frustrating. You cannot play multiplayer games without this dull moment fear dropping of the loads. In addition, they are in constant fear of losing progress.

Now that you are aware of this problem, you can do something. If the problem yourself, or you send it, do it! Don't let Xbox 360 freezing ruin the game time!

Fix Xbox 360 happy!

Here's a simple guide to video, step-by-step, through the dissolution of the permanently correct errors in the red light on the Xbox 360!

Click here [http://www.Xbox360fixed. info] to return to the game today and solve the problem of red lights once and for all. Do not pay the repair bill of $ 140 and wait months to recover it-Let Your Xbox Live membership go to waste!

Refurbishment of the House is safe and easy and this guide is to Show you everything you need to do to step to repair the red lights. Get back to "free from freezing" games today! Click here [http://www.Xbox360fixed. info] to access the easy-step by step guide (with videos) that receives the Xbox 360 to talk in under 1 hour-guaranteed. Remember: 94% red light error Xbox 360s do not need a new part!

Click here [http://www.Xbox360fixed. info] To access the step-by-step guide to repairing and red light error Xbox 360s talk in less than an hour!

Anthony is an avid gamer and bought his Xbox 360 day it launched. Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 was full of problems that needed fixing.

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