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The Black Art of Xbox Mods

The Black Art of Xbox Mods

The Xbox is an exciting and fun video game console - but that's only half the story. Inside the case, Microsoft placed a customized PC that you can push well past the limits of Halo and NBA Live. In The Black Art of the Xbox Mods, gamer, programmer and midnight hacker Jonathan Harbour show you how to crack the case, strip your Xbox down to the motherboard, and take control from the inside out.

When you're finished, you'll know how to install a mod chip, boot up in a new operating system, and run cool third-party software. You'll also learn how to trick out your Xbox with case mods, glowing lights and other features to let the world know your Xbox has come a long way since you brought it home from the superstore.

With hundreds of pictures and step-by-step instructions, The Black Art of the Xbox Mods isn't for the faint of heart. But, if you want a 300GB Xbox that plays CDs, DVDs, and glows like an alien spacecraft, then this is the book for you.

Price: $29.99

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Xbox 360 Repair Console - Insider Secrets 'They' Don't Want You to Know

If your Xbox 360 has been affected by the "red ring of doom" then don't despair. You can repair your Xbox 360 console yourself, with a minimum of effort, time and cost. Don't listen to people who say that you will need to spend large amounts of money, or waste lots of time getting your console fixed. Learn the basic steps of Xbox 360 repair, console fixing isn't actually that hard.

The first Xbox 360 repair console secret you are going to learn is what causes the 3 red lights error in the first place. Believe it or not, but the cause of your Xbox 360's woes is actually overheating. Due to a lack of cooling devices such as fans and heat sinks inside the Xbox 360, heat is able to build up at a rapid rate. This then causes disruption and eventually damage to the components, leading to a host of errors such as the red ring of doom, or Xbox 360 system errors such as the "e74" error.

In order to fix these problems, you must address the principal cause of the 3 red lights error, overheating. Although you could send your Xbox 360 console away for repair by Microsoft, it will take a number of weeks to get your Xbox 360 back again, and if your warranty has expired it will cost you upwards of $100. That's why the best way to carry out these repairs is by doing them yourself.

I know it may sound crazy- opening up and fixing a complex piece of electronic machinery. However, it really isn't that hard as your Xbox 360 will be afflicted by what I like to call "set-piece" malfunctions. These are well-documented, easy-to-repair problems that even a tech beginner can fix.

All you need are the video files that will show you how to determine the exact problem that's requiring you to carry out Xbox 360 repairs. You need to use videos, as they will provide you with sufficient step-by-step detail to safely and easily carry out the necessary repairs, maintenance and checks on your Xbox 360.

How can you get these important video files then?

In order to have access to a set of Xbox 360 console repair videos, you will need to purchase an Xbox 360 repair guide. One of these will contain all the necessary videos that you need in order to be able to fix your Xbox 360.

It's important that the repair guide you use has free updates, customer testimonials, a money-back guarantee, high-quality video files and a price of less than $50. Only purchase one that fulfills all of the above criteria, to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible.

Click the link to learn about the best repair guide for your Xbox 360 that will allow you to repair your Xbox 360 in under two hours in the comfort of your own home. Xbox 360 repair, console maintenance and more is made easy with a repair guide!

Read free customer reviews on the top repair product, as well as getting a free sample video, and learn how to fix your Xbox360. You don't have to put up with Xbox 360 error message problems ever again!

James Philipson has been involved in the electronics industry for over 10 years and has repaired more than 30 Xbox 360 consoles since the platform's release over two years ago.

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Xbox 360 Repairs - Everything You Need to Know to Repair Your Xbox

Have you encountered the dreaded three red lights? Is so then you have Xbox 360 problems. In order to fix your Xbox 360, you should consider performing Xbox 360 troubleshooting to determine what the problem is. As you will see, Xbox 360 repair can be done personally and in the convenience of your own home. You don´t have to send it off the Microsoft Xbox 360 repair center.

For a successful Xbox 360 repair it is important to make sure your system is clean and is getting proper airflow. When you are done doing this, make sure the Xbox 360 is located where it has access to cool fresh air. A bad place for your Xbox 360 is inside of a multimedia unit where it will not have good access to air flow.

If that does not work and you are feeling more adventurous, you can disassemble your Xbox 360 and further inspect it for damage. However, you should be aware that this form of Xbox 360 repair will void your warranty. The top plate is like the bottom plate except it has three tabs which hold the plate.

When the top plate is removed, the final step is to remove the plate located opposite the top plate. Remove the six screws and the Xbox 360 is now disassembled.

To stop the overheating keep the Xbox out of a display cabinet as it needs room to breathe. This will stop your Xbox from overheating and crashing in the first place. I have seen many people give this advice, but it is only a short term solution at best for a few hours more playing time and the unit will eventually overheat again.

If not, put the hard drive back in and your Xbox should now be working fine. Of course you could not bother with any of the above and send your Xbox 360 back to Microsoft. I have heard horror stories of people sending their units to support and receiving their units back months later that have the same problem.

If you want to risk being without your Xbox and you still have your warranty then send it back, however if you can´t wait that long then give these Xbox 360 troubleshooting tips a try.

Be aware that if they go wrong you could ruin your Xbox and lose your warranty so be cautious when following these tips.

Daniel Lesser is an avid player and researcher of everything to do with the Xbox 360 including Xbox 360 repairs [] and runs a successful website dedicated to debunking Xbox 360 repair myths for the benefit of the consumer. For great free Xbox 360 repair tips see Daniel's site at

Fix Your Xbox 360 - Xbox 360 Repair

Fix your Xbox 360 in little over an hour. It's true! Now there is a handy Xbox 360 repair guide for you to follow step by step. If you are having problems like the "Red Ring of Death" error, or other problems with overheating consoles, graphic errors, and freeze ups, then this is the Xbox 360 repair guide for you. Besides, you don't want to spend $140 to have your Xbox 360 repaired, when you can fix your Xbox 360 yourself now do you.

That is only the beginning of what this Xbox 360 repair guide offers. You can purchase Xbox 360 consoles that are in need of repair, repair them, and double your money selling them again. If you are the type of person who can use a pair of pliers, and perhaps a couple of other household items that you probably already have laying around, then you can fix your Xbox 360 yourself, and save the default $140 charge to have your Xbox 360 repaired elsewhere.

I have been repairing Xbox 360 systems for a couple of months now, and let me tell you, this Xbox 360 repair guide has been the key to my success. Do some research; Xbox 360 repair is quite costly. Don't send yours away when you can fix it yourself.

The steps to fix your Xbox 360 are quite simple and easy to follow. This will be one repair guide that you keep close by at all times. Rest assured, you are not the only ones having problems with your Xbox 360. More and more people are reporting issues and problems with their consoles and are sending them away to have their Xbox 360 repaired for ridiculous prices of over $140. Don't be one of those suckers; fix your Xbox 360 yourself.

Steve Somerton writes informative articles on various subjects including Fix Your Xbox 360 Yourself. You are allowed to publish this article in its entirety provided that author?s name, bio and website links must remain intact and included with every reproduction.

Check out the guide to
Also check out this site

The Red Ring of Death Solved by Using an Xbox 360 Repair Guide

Over the past 4 years, there hasn't been an official repair for the Xbox 360 red ring of death. Many people have tried to develop a solution, but most of these solutions ended up being dangerous to the Xbox 360. So far there has been only been one method that has proved itself time and time again to be a permanent solution to the Red Ring of Death. This method is clearly outlined in an xbox 360 repair guide that illustrates the entire repair process and walks you through it step-by-step of the way. This method has proven itself to be the safest, fastest, and most effective repair that is currently available for Xbox 360 owners.

If after 4 years of manufacturing Xbox 360's you would think that the Manufacturer was capable of solving one of the worst errors in console history. Unfortunately they have not, which has driven many people to discover their own solutions. Fortunately for us, a group of professional technicians were able to develop a repair method that would not only permanently resolve the red ring of death, but resolve the overheating problems of the Xbox 360 which is at the root of many of the 360's errors.

The first problem tackled in an Xbox 360 repair guide deals with the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and the CPU (Central Processing Unit). These two chips are at the root of the red ring of death problem. The reason being,  that they are exposed to the overheating inside of the 360, and without these chips working properly, the system cannot run itself - thats how important these chips are. These chips were originally over-layed with a thermal compound paste designed to keep them safe from heat. This paste turned out to be insufficient against the un-predicted amount of heat created by the Xbox 360. The solution for this problem is simple; re-apply a better and more sufficient paste that can withstand greater amounts of heat.

To ensure that the above repair is done properly and lasts permanently, another repair is required. The Xbox 360 relies on two pieces of hardware known as the 'heat sinks' to keep the GPU and CPU cool, and protected. The problem is that when the console overheats the motherboard bends and becomes flexible. This throws the heat sinks off balance and leaves the GPU and CPU directly exposed to the heat. The solution that an Xbox 360 repair guide will show you, deals with creating a more stable foundation for the heat sinks so that they will not be able to move. This is done simply with a set of specific washers and screws.

In order to properly and permanently repair your console, the use of an Xbox 360 repair guide is necessary if not vital. This specific repair has proven itself for thousands of satisfied users that it's legit and can repair the red ring of death problem in about an hours time. After making this repair, your console will be free of overheating problems, and playing your console afterward will never be a worry again. Because of this I highly recommend the use of an Xbox 360 repair guide to properly repair your console for good.

To get more information on the above repair method and where to get the best Xbox 360 repair guide [] to repair your Xbox 360, you can visit, [], which is a site dedicated to providing 360 owners with factual information about the RROD, Xbox 360 system errors, and legit ways to repair their broken consoles.

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Xbox 360 repair Guide and the shocking Truth behind the Xbox 360 red ring of death!

This basic guide, repair Xbox 360 to explain what you need to do to fix Xbox 360 red ring of death. In addition, you'll learn what not to do to avoid damage to the system. To start with, let's cover the reason Xbox 360 red lights.

The reason Xbox 360 red lights: what no Xbox 360 repair Guide, you can do without!

Red Ring of death is caused by heat. When the heats of the motherboard, begins to vibration. These vibrations caused by undermining the GPU (graphics processing unit). When the GPU is loose enough, the system could respond.

Avoid BOGUS Xbox 360 repair guides that tell a towel or a hairdryer

There is the infamous minor repairs for Xbox 360, which says, red lights you can resolve this by wrapping the system in a towel (or using a hair dryer). This is not true, do not perform this Xbox 360 repair Guide says, how you can permanently damage your system.

Right now, there are approximately 94% of the opportunity, the system does not need new parts; you just need a little Tweak to get it going. As you can see above, the issue is heat and vibratory plates until the GPU has come loose. Any Xbox 360 repair Guide, which suggests that you are using a heat is false. Any time heat system, the risk of damage to fixed and you might need to download new parts, instead of simply complicated the system!

Yes, it is very frustrating to red lights and system locks. But realistically, you can fix the problem in less than an hour, does not require technical skills and can use standard tools to hold home. Finding the right problem once i return to the care-free.

A simple guide to fix Xbox 360

You should get a professional guide, repair Xbox 360, which will guide you through this process step-by-step. It is a very simple process and will save simple Xbox 360 repair guide here:

1. Take off the cover and faceplate

2. carefully remove the motherboard, X terminals, and radiator

3. install the two washers between screws and motherboard heat sink

4. Clean the GPU and radiator

5. Deferred all together

To do this, and you can no longer be the Zalew for those blasted red lights. Best of luck, and happy gaming, I hope to have benefited from this simple guide to fix the Xbox 360.

Here's a simple guide to repair Xbox 360 step by step, so you can permanently solve the correct errors in the red light on the Xbox 360!

Click here [http://www.Xbox360fixed. info] to return to the game today and solve the problem of red lights once and for all. Do not pay the repair bill of $ 140, and wait for months to regain it---Let Your Xbox Live membership go to waste!

Refurbishment of the House is safe and easy and this guide is to Show you everything you need to do, step-by-step, to repair the red lights. Get back to "free from freezing" games today! Click here [http://www.Xbox360fixed. info] to access the Xbox 360 repair guide easily, which helps you to wake up your Xbox 360 and running in under 1 hour-guaranteed.

Remember: 94% red light error Xbox 360s do not need a new part!

Click here [http://www.Xbox360fixed. info] gain access to the only guide to repair Xbox 360, You ever get up and running today!

Anthony is an avid gamer and bought his Xbox 360 day it launched. Unfortunately his Xbox 360 requiring repair.

Xbox 360 repair-a simple solution to fix the Xbox 360 Will Get a copy of the game in no time

So you may have turned on your Xbox 360 for the next session of the game. Drive begins spinning ring green light flickers into life and quickly delayed to the game is its matter. And then it happens.

Your heart slumps.

Erstwhile ring green light became red and you can tell that until you reach the appropriate fixes Xbox 360 days of the games are over.

But how do I get reliable repair Xbox 360 to release yourself from our Red Ring of death?

Microsoft will delightedly proffer to carry out repairs Xbox 360, only after costs. How does paying $ 140 plus shipping to revoke the amendment to you? Of course, what you will need to pay
Microsoft to carry out repairs Xbox 360 game console if it is a guarantee. And to worsen the situation, you will be forced to wait up to 8 weeks for the console to be brought back.

"But my console is still under warranty," you say, "I'm fine."


Even in this still will have to bear the costs of transport outside the Pocket, and that is at least $ 25. And packaging take into consideration also. You must make sure that Xbox 360 is securely packed and the certainty of a long journey to an industrial zone in McAllen, Texas, U.S.-Mexico border. Let you heard right. The pride and joy as a game console stops there at the border down for God knows how long.

In this connection, what are other options for repair of the Xbox 360, urgently needed? Thought about some techniques available on the Internet?

"Towel Trick" is a good example.

If you know the "Towel Trick", then you already well know, that is worthless and potentially dangerous. One renowned blogger recently said, it is more likely to set an Xbox 360 ablaze than fix the problem. The fact is, patches, quick, who will read about gaming sites and discussion boards simply does not solve the problem.

Your last option, repair Xbox 360 this machine from each other and make repairs yourself. This is not a new concept. Players have been performing the fix from start 360-sometimes successfully, regularly disastrous.

So far, including "self-fix ' require soldering faulty connections in the console. It simply is not a task which, on average, players should be undertaking. This is not a Toaster that we are talking about, anyway. Is technological equipment. You can cause more damage and invalid warranty.

In this connection is to fix the Xbox 360, and perhaps Microsoft simply is not sufficiently fast, affordable enough or sufficiently favourable. And so repair quickly call you find online simply did not solve the problem. And of course, the "self-fix" is outside of any appropriate techniques, and if this goes wrong will warranty invalid and cause more damage.

But it does not, however, the panic.

Now is an alternative repair Xbox 360. One that is simple, reliable and secure, you can have the game again in less than 2 hours. And joy of this everything is authorized by tech specialists, possessing a thorough knowledge of work the console as backs hands.

Forget about unreliable so call speedy repairs. Forget about problems in the supply of 360 up and sending them to Microsoft for months.

This technique is absolutely only repair Xbox 360, you'll need.

And is the only repair Xbox 360 will guarantee to work.

How reliable is the sound? The original human support, comprehensive video tutorials and peace of mind. This repair Xbox 360 was highly expertly tech, who successfully performed a dozen times.

Totally achievable with the Xbox 360 Red Light fix Pro Gamer Edition-a system which ensures that you have, you can back the games to your 360 within 2 hours.

To obtain this repair Xbox 360 for yourself and games again in less than 2 hours, please visit, Xbox 360 Red Light fix []. Do not pay the repair bill of $ 140 and wait for months to regain---Let Your Xbox Live membership go to waste!

I'd like to be that it is ensured that the repairs of the House is safe and easy, and this guide will Show you everything you need to do, step-by-step, to repair the red lights. Remember: 94% red light error Xbox 360s do not need a new part!

Click the Xbox 360 Red Light repair now [] to gain access to only the Xbox 360 repair Guide [], ever, you need to get up and running today!

Victor is a avid gamer and proud owner of the Xbox 360. Unfortunately his Xbox 360 requiring repair.