Saturday, October 22, 2011

Xbox 360 errors? You've got the Red Ring of death? Discover the 1 hour Xbox 360 repair!

Errors in the Xbox 360, namely the Red Ring of death, they are a royal pain. Stops cold satysfakcjÄ games literally, as you are in constant fear of losing the progress of the game, or removal from the multi-player. To further compound Your frustration, the cost of sending it to Microsoft for repair is $ 140 and it will take 4-6 weeks to recover. Not cool.

However, there is some good news: you can fix improve Xbox 360 red light errors yourself at home with common household tools, and lasts less than an hour. You don't have to be a tech wizard to fix your Xbox 360, you only need step-by-step instructions. Before you do anything to suggest that the consultation guide professional repair (available at the end of this guide). To diffuse your concerns on the home repair Xbox 360, here's Quick reference to what it required:

1. Remove the case and chassis

2. Remove the fan Shroud drive and DVD DRIVE and unplug the fan

3. Unscrew and remove the motherboard, X-terminals and thermal management

4. remove the studs from the radiator, add steel washers for screws

5. Clean processor

6. install the washers to separate motherboard heat sink

Is a basic problem with the Xbox 360 errors is overheating. Overheating causes vibration of the motherboard. How motherboard vibrates it loosens, soldering holding a GPU (graphics processing unit). When the GPU has come loose, you're infects dreaded red ring of death.

A major cause of the errors of the Xbox 360 is the result of a design, which Microsoft released official announcement in July 2007. They said that the consoles first 11,6 million had commercialized the design, which could result in the device fails.

The design was the heat sink. They heat sink too small (and "on the home repair Xbox 360" is designed to remedy this problem), and does not keep sufficiently cool the motherboard. They decreased radiator to free up space on the DVD, but it appears that they shrunk too much.

Microsoft told to only 5% of the systems that terminate (i.e. getting the Red Ring of death), but this number was played and errors reported Xbox 360 retailers occurring as the highest sold 30% of the systems! On the basis of these data, anywhere from 500 000 to 4 million people currently have errors red light on the Xbox 360.

Now you know the main cause of errors, Xbox 360 (heat), here are some tips to keep healthy an Xbox 360 and the red light error free in the future (Note: red light error still appears, if you do not have established the system, these guidelines are intended to help maintain a healthy working Xbox 360):

"Keep the rear of the system at risk

"Hang in the air supply line or store them at elevated surface bottom exposed
"Do not leave the system by night

"Do not use Intercooler from NYKO (damage to the system and voids warranty)

"Do not move the system (this will scratch disks)

Now you know what (bulk processor due to overheating) is causing errors, Xbox 360, and the user knows that the Xbox 360 red light errors can be fixed at home with common household tools. The last thing you should do this now waiting its Xbox 360 errors don't intends to go away if there is only. On the home Xbox 360 repair is safe and can be done by literally every (even 10-year-old kid).

Now you know what you need to do, let Xbox 360 red light stop errors in our games. Best of luck with Xbox 360 repair!

Here's your easy video guide step-by-step, so you can permanently fix the correct errors in the red light on the Xbox 360!

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Refurbishment of the House is safe and easy and this guide is to Show you everything you need to do to step in to resolve the issue of a red light. Get back to "free from freezing" games today! Click here [http://www.Xbox360fixed. info] to access the network easy Xbox 360 repair step-by-step guide (with videos) that receives the Xbox 360 up and running in under 1 hour-guaranteed. Remember: 94% red light error Xbox 360s do not need a new part!

Click here [http://www.Xbox360fixed. info] To access the step-by-step guide to repairing and red light error Xbox 360s talk in less than an hour!

Anthony is an avid gamer and bought his Xbox 360 day it launched. Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 was full of problems that needed fixing.

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