Sunday, October 23, 2011

7 Reasons Why You Should Use an Xbox 360 Repair Guide to Repair the Red Ring of Death

Figuring out a way to repair the Red Ring of Death has been a serious problem for 360 owners since the release of the Xbox 360. I tend to find that most people are under the assumption that in order to get their systems repaired they have to send it into the Manufacturer. While this may sound like the proper approach to take, I have often found that this approach is often less than fruitful. I've come across, heard from people I know, and read all over the internet how people have been less than satisfied with the Manufacturers customer service and support. This is simply unacceptable to me. So I'd like to show you an alternative method by using an Xbox 360 repair guide, and why using an Xbox 360 repair guide deserves your consideration if you need a repair for your system.

1. The information and method that you will find inside Xbox 360 repair guides is solid, factual information based on the actual cause of the RROD - overheating. The guide cleverly isolates the problem inside your system and shows you how to stop your system from overheating so that the RROD will never happen again. This method has been around for over 2 years and has helped thousands of people who have discovered it, permanently repair their systems.

2. Sending your system into the manufacturer can be very costly. An Xbox 360 repair guide is very cost efficient, ranging anywhere from $23 to $29. This is great because to send your system into the manufacturer you might be looking at an outrageous service fee ranging from $140 and up! And to make matters worse, what would you do if you sent your system in, paid the $140 service fee and your system didn't come back repaired?

3. The repair illustrated in an Xbox 360 repair guide is very safe and makes no permanent changes to your system what-so-ever. This method does not involve towels, soldering guns, or penny's. This is a 100% legit repair developed by technical professionals who have the knowledge necessary to understand the primary issue of the Xbox 360 so they can fix it.

4. By using a set of quality video tutorials, an Xbox 360 repair guide will walk you step-by-step through the entire repair process. These tutorials are easy to follow, very easy to understand, and leave nothing out of the video. You are covered 100% of the way when you repair your system.

5. Aside from the RROD, an Xbox 360 repair guide will generally be able to help you repair a handful of different errors that are commonly associated with the Xbox 360. These errors include: red light errors, game freezes, graphic glitches, disc read errors, and the e74 error code. All of these problems will be permanently resolved by default, once this repair is made. using an Xbox 360 repair guide will cover and solve these problems permanently.

6. This method takes only 1 hour to do. That is a considerable difference than if you were to send your system into the manufacturer, where you'd have to wait anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks and in extreme cases, months! With that, you could have your system up and running in tip-top shape today, and be back in the game today and never have to worry about the RROD again.

7. The main reason that I feel using a repair guide is the best way to go is because many people have trusted in the manufacturer to repair their consoles and when returned to the owner, their systems were un-repaired. With that being the case with the manufacturer, I haven't heard one such complaint from anyone who has resorted to an Xbox 360 repair guide. The difference is seen in the results, and by using a repair guide you are guaranteed results, whereas sending your system to the Manufacturer you simply aren't.

To get more information on using an Xbox 360 repair guide [] to repair your Xbox 360, you can visit, [], which is a site dedicated to providing 360 owners with factual information about the RROD, Xbox 360 system errors, and legit ways to repair their broken consoles.

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